Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Michael Prophet - Rootsman

Michael Prophet - Rootsman

This one you just can't refuse. Michael Prophet's ROOTSMAN will be more than satisfactory for various people and for different reasons. For the DUBheads, because of the magnificent mixing by Mad Professor. For the lovers of Full Lyrical works, because this is the best album from one of Reggae's top vocalists. For the Conscious people, because all tracks are based on a conscious subjects. Presenting one of ARIWA Studio's finest releases, definitely the personal favourite for at least the coming 6 months. ROOTSMAN contains ten vocal tracks, and two dubs. Michael Prophet rides all ten riddims as only a conscious man can ride an upfull Reggae Riddim. Straight from the heart. And when a conscious heart expresses himself, this gives the vibe some people always will wonder how to get... Here it is, Michael Prophet giving you truths and rights on an All-Killer-No-Filler release.

Most of the tracks are steppers, there's a few one drops as well, ending with a tune called "My Lord", which sounds like the "the next love song" at first glance. Only this is a love song to the Most High JAH. Kind of Special Livication. There's two DUBs on the album as well, but Mad Professor also mixed dubs from this album on his own DUB releases as well.

Mad Professor also did a superb job on this release. It is difficult to make a dubby mix and still have the complete lyrics in it too, but this album shows Professor can do it. In his own style, righteous and wild, well versatile as I would say... Really, this one you just can't refuse!

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