Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mad Professor - A Carribean Taste Of Technology

Mad Professor - A Carribean Taste Of Technology

Get a Caribbean taste of technology: lay back and enjoy a Dubwise experience extravaganza. Mad Professor, one of the biggest pioneers in Dubwise mixes at his best in this 1985 DUB album. The riddims are crucial and the selection well balanced. The mixes are psychedelic, to use an understatement. Decades after it's original release, this album still serves as an example for many contemporary producers. Layers of effects on effects, digital niceness and analogue equipment. Every drum and bass line will make you rock and groove, and what comes on top of that, well, just let it flow inside your soul for maximum effect. It is an undisputed fact, that DUB originated in Jamaica. Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean, labelled as "undeveloped" or "third world". When you enjoy the heavy heavy DUB tunes on this album, more then two decades after their creation, you may realize how incredibly offensive such a label is for countries deliberately kept poor. Poor in money, but definitely not poor in creativity as well as messages of righteousness.

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