Thursday, April 30, 2009




WWW, May 2009 - One of the advantages of the Internet over the Outernet is the vast amount of resource material available for who-ever in interested in what-ever. Take the Dub Connection website, for example. is the creation of Laurent Chambon who hails from up north in Europe, in the country of Finland. From there, he goes on the Internet to find and present some of the hottest material for the Online (DUB) Reggae Massive. We can do nothing but to give thanks for a website such as the Dub Connection.

Here's why...

In a more than interesting blog, for example, the Webmaster reviews some of the best material coming from the growing amount of DUB Net labels and Outernet CD/Vinyl Labels. Those who wish to support the more serious members of the DUB Artist Community in and out of Cyberspace, can do nothing but subscribe to the Blog's feed.

In another section of the site, we find a genuine "Dub Wikipedia", which -if taken seriously by everyone- could very well result in one of the biggest resources in Cyberspace when it comes to DUB. There is, next to the Wiki, a forum where people can contribute anything positive related to DUB, too.

For the DUB Connection is all about DUB. DUB, from Old-skool to the latest trends in the field of electronic DUB Art and beyond.

So: looking for a Dub Connection?

Look no further.