Friday, October 16, 2009




WWW, October 2009 - This is more than just a slice of UK Toast, even though it is: taken from the upcoming album "Walk Like A Rasta", a Reality Shock Records release, this Net Single features Solo Banton's impressive fast chat style and a Dub from the riddim by none other than Conscious Sound's Dougie Wardrop!

And there's more: producers and singers will want to read on as you are invited to create your own tune around Solo Banton's voice or voice your own thing over the Dub and win some very interesting prizes!

Described by the label as a "a much requested 'Casio Style' Digital Killer", the riddim is pumping and definitely has that 1980's vibe with the "orchestra hit" Sound FX that was so common in these early digital days, when the Casio keyboard entered into the studio's.

Solo Banton's fast lyrical work is, unlike one would maybe think when they hear about fast chat, not difficult to understand. The control that he has over his voice is kind of remarkable, and the fact that this is just one tune from an album makes us want to have more a dat fe true!

The Zip file is not just a Net Single that people who love to listen to Reggae and especially UK DUB and Roots will want to download, though.

There's something very interesting for the (online) artists and producers attached to this free October 2009 release, which is the reason why you find a third MP3, next to the vocal and the fine Dub by Dougie Wardrop at Conscious Sounds Studio.

It's the "a capella version", and it's there for a reason that goes beyond serving those that may want to hear the lyrics without the music. The reason has a name and it's the brand newly launched REGGAE GOT TALENT COMPETITION 2009.

Until November 30th, producers are invited to build a tune around Solo Banton's vocal recording. Vocalists are asked to voice over the Dub coming with this package, and Sound Systems can make a 20 minute mix of any kind which includes the vocal and/or the Dub.

All entries will be judged by an impressive jury of Earl 16, Afrikan Simba and Conscious Sounds' very own Dougie Wardrop. At December 14, they will announce the winners in each category.

Winners who will really win something!

Let's just mention the main prices: Solo Banton will voice over any riddim that the winning producer would like him to voice over, when you're the winning vocalist your voice will feature on exclusive material from Conscious Sounds Studio, and when you're the winning Sound System, Solo Banton will voice a Dub Plate for you.

Be quick, be fast, download the Net Single and start enjoying the music passively or actively. All the necessary information is available in the Zip File.