Sunday, November 2, 2008



WWW, November 2008 - Reggae News? That's not just a boring list of information that nobody is really waiting for. At least, not in the UK. At least, not according to the people behind the Reggae news UK website.

Self-presented as "The UK's Leading Reggae Website", Reggae News UK is most definitely an essential place in Cyberspace. One could argue about that self-description, one could not argue that the name of the website is in fact an understatement.

Sure, the website has Reggae news. On the frontpage, we'll find the latest news item from the website. A little more down, there's a list of interesting things "From Around The Web". That's just above a nice list of recent Site Updates.

So, why is the name an understatement?

Well, you'll also go to Reggae news UK when you want to book a crucial DUB and Reggae artist or Sound System. From JAH Warrior to the Twinkle Brothers, from Misty in Roots to the Disciples, their booking agency can get the artist straight in your venue.

Ok, that's not for all of us. Most of us will visit concerts rather than organizing them. On the other hand, it is always nice to know that the website has some contacts with quite a few of the Great Names of (mostly UK) Reggae.

Let's go to the Interviews, then. For that is a thing which is of interest to us all. Reggae News UK interviews Jimmy Cliff, Reggae News interviews Twilight Circus, Reggae News interviews the Twinkle Brothers, et cetera et cetera. Interesting reads!

Of course: there's an impressive list of interesting reviews too. DVD's, CD's and vinyl records are often reviewed even before their release date. Definitely not limited to UK releases, the website pays attention to every style within the rich Culture called Reggae.

Between the Sound Samples of releases, you can also find quite a few full length MP3 files. The Dubroom has reviewed most of them, just like the excellent Podcasts released on an irregular basis by the Reggae News UK website.

An interesting gallery, sometimes a competition with prices, lists of Radio Shows and a small section of Book Reviews? Sure, it's there. Among many more things.

This is the kind of website you put in your favorites. the kind of website that you want to subscribe to. The kind of website that you use to find Quality Reggae music and to stay up-to-date with so much more than "just" the UK Reggae scene.