Friday, February 27, 2009



WWW, February 2009 - They even go so far to try and have Winston Rodney's wife arrested by the police, in order to stop Burning Spear. That is, after they downstroyed thousands of CD's. Burning Spear reports from the frontline in the "War Against Reggae"!

He is an example for many artists, not in the least because Winston Rodney aka Burning Spear is independent of the mainstream labels as he owns his own productions. Still going strong, releasing album after album between annual world tours, he is obviously a pain in the ass for the multinationals who own virtually all labels of any significance.

Of course, there is money involved in all of this. Half a million dollar, to be exact. Burning Spear is robbed from tens of thousands of his CD's, destroyed by distribution warehouse company "Megaforce" while they sell non-destroyed CD's under the table in record stores.

Since he is an independent artist, his dependence is on the income he gets and since his independence is a pain in the ass for the multinationals that want to dominate the musical airwaves with their propaganda, he is currently targeted bigtime by the dependant companies.

In this video, he speaks out about it. See and hear a report from the frontline in the ongoing War Against Reggae.