Wednesday, September 19, 2012




 WWW, September 2012 - Straight from the French (DUB) Reggae underground, this very interesting one filled with eleven titles all starting with the letter C. C as in Conscious, even though there are hardly any lyrics in this no-nonsense instrumentalist Reggae album.

"Conscious Rasta" is indeed interesting for a variety of reasons. Much thought has been put in the music, both in the samples as well as the (excellent) instrumentation and overall concept. Expect an album that is filled with intelligence and style, as you listen to the instrumentals with nuff Dub effects here and there you will definitely recognize the amount of work that has been put in it.

The production itself has an interesting combination of programmed and played parts. It has an analogue vibe without becoming too much like an old-skool album. You just don't really know what is played and what is programmed and it's a real challenge to try and decipher just what exactly is put in the mix.

Even though this is not a DUB album avant la lettre, it has more than enough mixing work. Even though it is an Instrumental Reggae album avant la lettre, it will also appeal to those that are looking for echoings, reverberations and other vibes we know from Dub.