Sunday, February 1, 2009



A long horn solo spices up the first DUB of this 1990 Ariwa release. It's a celebration to Nelson Mandela and sets the tone for the rest of this 12 track collection of magnificent DUBS.

Time for DUB ME CRAZY Part 10, which looks both back and forward.

DUB has more than once been called "Psychedelic Reggae", and for a reason. However, the word was more popular in the 1960's and 1970's as it referred to spaced out music and various forms of drugs.

The cover and title of Psychedelic DUB is an obvious hint to that period, but none of that can be said about the music. The album was originally released in 1990, and contains some solid Roots riddims, UK Style. Cool and deadly here, upfull and joyous there...

There are many surprise parts throughout the entire album. Just when you space out a little too much, there is some flanger over the drums to wake you up again. The music can suddenly stop, you hear a phrase and a next DUB is there.

The album was produced in a time wherein the Mad Professor was about to jump into the production of DUB in a more digital style than he did before. Decades were about to come, in which Neil Fraser would (and will) take DUB to an ever deeper dimension. Some anticipating vibes can also be heard already on Psychedelic DUB...

Nice One!