Tuesday, November 4, 2008

ViaJAH Morgan - Reggae Poetry For The Soul

ViaJAH Morgan - Reggae Poetry For The Soul

Let me give you a couple of reasons why you really must buy this album. ONE: When you want to have an album of which the title covers the content, you got to check this one. This truly is "Reggae Poetry For The Soul".

TWO: ViaJAH Morgan is a very talented poet and he can ride virtually every style of riddim. The music therefor is well versatile, every style is covered. One time it's the style that Linton Kwesie Johnson made popular, the other time the music is much more Jamaican. One time it's rub a dub, the other time it's bubbling/dancehall. But every track is unique in it's style.

THREE: There isn't one track on this collection of intelectual utterances that deals with vanity. Every track is conscious and tells it like it is. Psalms to worship the Most High. Teachings to explain Black Culture to a wide audience. Prophecy to babylon system. Calls for justice. And calls for emancipation of mental slavery.

FOUR: The album is available on CDBABY, which is an online CD Store for online and independant artists. This too is a reason to buy the album: you will directly support the artist. And he deserves your support. You'll get 17 tracks on this album: it's packed with High Quality music and lyrics.

When you want to listen to the music before you buy, that's possible too. Almost all tracks can be previewed for 2 minutes in mp3 format.


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