Thursday, December 3, 2009



Visit Mikey Dread

WWW, December 2009 - Michael "Dread at the Controls" Campbell left us in March 2008, but his website is still online and can, no, should be visited by everyone interested in Reggae History.

Mikey Dread is much more than "just" a Jamaican Reggae artist with a history, even though that in itself is a reason alone to check out what his official website has to say about him.

Michael "Dread At The Controls" Campbell started in the 1970's as the first Reggae Radio DJ for Jamaican Radio. You can listen to it, when you visit the site: contains an MP3 File with a sample from one of his early Radio shows (RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD), introduced by Mikey himself. More history can be found at the site, as Mikey Dread talks about his works with Punk-Rock band The Clash (RIGHT-CLICK TO DOWNLOAD), among many more things.

Click for Higher ResIn a very nice application on the site, you can make your own Mikey Dread tune as you add jingles and effects over Mikey Dread riddims. Filled with niceness for the ear and eye, the app will give you some fun fe true. CLICK also contains quite a number of free MP3's, of which tunes like "Dread at the Mantrols" and "12 Tribe Stylee" are just two examples. CLICK

In the press/promotion area, there's many PDF's and JPG's. Mikey Dread's official Biography, a lot of reviews and interviews, even a stage plan can be seen. CLICK

Mikey Dread re-gained control over his releases, after which he made them all available via his website and some other means. The website remains to be the predominant place to go to purchase Mikey Dread's music. All tunes can be previewed straight from the site. CLICK, therefore, should not remain unvisited by anyone who (claims to) love (DUB) Reggae Music. History, Niceness, Music, everything is there and presented in a way that is worthy of the one and only REAL MIKEY DREAD.