Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Culture - At Work

Culture - At Work

In Reggae Culture, we can find many harmony groups: one lead singer and one or two, or even three back ground vocalists.

Just thinking of a few isn't really that difficult: Israel Vibration, Black Uhuru, Wailing Souls, and of course Culture.

And we shouldn't forget that the Wailers originally started out as a vocal trio too.

Culture ruled the Jamaican charts when Bob Marley and the Wailers were riding the international charts, and that gives an indication to the relevance of the works of Culture.

This album will introduce you to Culture at work: catchy riddims, vocals from the heart.

Many consider it to be one of their weaker albums, but if that really is, then it says something about Culture's Quality!

Oh yes, it's true that the music on Culture At Work is quite different then the Rockers we can find on classics such as Culture's debut Two Sevens Clash, but the music is well digestive.

Especially when you realize that in 1986 (when this album was originally recorded) Jamaica was being flooded with cocaine in an attempt by Babylon System to stop the movement of Rastafari from liberating the people's minds.

And Culture has always been on the forefront in the struggle against Babylon.

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