Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Culture - Baldhead Bridge

Culture - Baldhead Bridge

There is a reason why so many artists can be very good and never ever will be able to reach to the heart and soul.

There is a reason why vocal groups such as Culture have impressed so many with their debut Two Sevens Clash and the follow-up album Baldhead Bridge.

You guessed it, it has nothing to do with talent. Not really, that is. And it has also nothing to do with getting the best musical education in the world.

There is not a trick in the book to reach the heart.

Or is there?

Well, it's not really a trick.

Or maybe it is.

It might have something to do with the strong conviction that the members of Culture display in their music. An awareness of Babylon combined with a desire to speak out for JAH and truth and right.

Maybe that's why some will always wonder why they love Culture Music so much and yet may never be able to know why.

Baldhead bridge is just one example.

When you listen to the music and meditate over the words, you will feel it and know it.

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