Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mad Professor - Beyond The Realm Of Dub

Mad Professor - Beyond The Realm Of Dub

In the 1980's, Mad Professor released his -now legendary- "Dub Me Crazy" series. Mad Professor not only established his name with them, he also definitely established a standard in DUB mixing with that line of albums of which this is the second one. Effects form the sound, there's almost no dry ("effectless") instrument to be heard. Things which are usually in the back of the mix come forward because of the massive amount of effects they're being put through. These are the kinds of dubs of which their vocal counter-parts can hardly be recognized. Dubwise time! Yes, this album is best enjoyed in an ire atmosphere with good speakers. Close your eyes, and you will find out just how mad this professor is and just how crazy you can become from experiencing this chapter.

The tracks used for this album are all tight, Roots Reggae Riddims. They make you move and groove, from the first to the last one. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes mellow and sometimes militant. The tunes are well selected, the way of mixing makes them into one chapter. Just one chapter in a line of albums which are very rightfully called "Dub Me Crazy".

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