Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Twilight Circus - Volcanic Dub

Twilight Circus - Volcanic Dub

With titles such as "Lightning Strike", "Seismic" and "Lava Flow", Netherlands based Twilight Circus Dub Sound System decided to follow the ongoing tradition of thematic Dub Records on their release Volcanic Dub. The album deals with the powerful forces of nature, and the music is equally connected with the theme as the titles, or in other words: this is a very powerful CD, guaranteed to move your dancing feet! Volcanic Dub consists of 12 superb Dub tracks, and I say this is the best Twilight Circus release I have heard thus far. And because it's their new release, I'm looking forward to more. The mixing is very, very intense: and especially with the many Steppers rhythms present on the album I can easily overstand why it's called Volcanic Dub. Erupting echo's! A very skillful use of many old skool effects like tape delay and spring reverb! Drums like Thunder! Phasers like lava!

Another aspect which makes me like this album so much are the many really good basslines, again especially on the steppers rhythms. They make me move and groove from the top to the very last drop. But they also make me want to hear a stronger bassdrum. It's one of the things I generally find with Twilight Circus music, a matter of taste.

The absence of a strong electronic vibe makes Twilight Circus very interesting for both the Dub-fan of today as well as yesterday. You'll hear some synthesizer-like sounds every now and then, but never up front. I certainly like it and would specially recommend this album for each and everyone that is into DUB!

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