Tuesday, October 14, 2008

King Jammy Meets Dry And Heavy In The Jaws Of The Tiger

King Jammy Meets Dry And Heavy In The Jaws Of The Tiger

Especially after listening to Scientist Dub Culture Into A Paralel Universe, I was wondering where Prince, now King, Jammy is up to these days. Dub is alive and kicking but you hear so little from the old Dub Masters, that's the reason why I was so happy with Scientist's new release. An inquiry led me to the purchase of this brand new CD from King Jammy, and I must say I am very happy to hear that the original Dub Masters still have a good thing going. Where Scientist mixed Culture at Jim Fox with digital devices galore, Jammy decided to use the older equipment as well and go to the other side of the world, where a Japanese band called Dry and Heavy is making some crucial reggae riddims. The result: 13 tracks heavily mixed in a dubwise style, sometimes sounding a lot like Twilight Circus.....

In music technology "dry" means without effects. Dry and Heavy surely isn't dry anymore after being treated with the Jammy treatment, but heavy it remains! The bass and drum section is very solid and versatile: I hear Roots. I hear Rub A Dub. I hear UK 1980's Roots influences. I hear something in between as well. Full instrumentation is used and the sound is authentic. But the vocals are either very good or very bad. Some parts I can not get used to, other parts are really beautiful. The vocals on the track "Mr. Dub", for example, I can not get used to them. It's really out of tune a lot. But on the next track, "Breaking Dub", this is being compensated by beautifull vocals again.

Over all, I am very happy with this CD. It's a welcome addition to my collection of DUB music, and it is also good to hear new DUB coming from the original DUB Masters. Also the fact the music was created without the use of too many synthesized sounds makes me happy. Looking for good Dub, BUY IT!

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