Thursday, October 16, 2008

Linvall Thompson & Scientist - Phoenix Dub

Linvall Thompson & Scientist - Phoenix Dub

Kingston, Jamaica, in the time that many regard as the Golden Age of Reggae. Channel One Studio's. The Roots Radics. Who knows their Dubs shall surely think of the legendary Greensleeves Series, in which Dub Mixer THE SCIENTIST transformed quite a few riddims into spaced out material, which was then released on thematic albums with titles such as "Scientist encounters Pacman" or "Scientists meets the Space Invaders". "We was the ones that made Scientist, me and Junjo - it wasn't nobody else.", I read Linvall Thompson saying in the liner notes of Phoenix Dub. Linvall surely isn't unknown within circles of Reggae Connoisseurs. There are numerous tracks and albums that have him as producer or singer. He was one of the main forces in Jamaican Reggae Music for a long time. His album "I Love Marijuana" has reached legendary status in some circles. Phoenix Dub re-introduces Linvall a new Dub and Reggae massive, in an album that could be described as a missing chapter in the Greensleeves Series I wrote about earlier, be it not that it goes a little further than that.

The album is a re-release by UK based MOTION RECORDS, packed with 14 quality riddims. Almost all tracks are mixed by The Scientist, and a few by King Tubby and Prince Jammy. This alone will make Phoenix Dub go beyond the Greensleeves Series. Many (Scientist) Dubs are mixed in exactly the same style, but Tubby and Jammy each add a different angle to the work. A true all-star list of legendary Godfathers of Dub Mixing! And not only the Dubbing engineers are great, who can beat the riddims played by original Jamaican Studio bands such as the Revolutionaries and the Roots Radics? For an album centred around the person of Linvall Thompson, it really shows the versatility of this singer/producer from Kingston, Jamaica.

Great music, great musicians, great liner notes from the author of the Lee Perry Biography "People Funny Boy" including an interview with Linvall, and everything mixed by the Jamaican originators of Dub. I would strongly recommend this album to each and everyone with a heart that beats on the rhythm of the drum and the bass that make Roots Reggae.

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