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Yabby You, aka Vivian Jackson, is a multi-talented dread who has done a lot for Reggae Music. He is a producer, a singer, and well known for his spiritually based Roots Reggae music.

Yabby You has "discovered" Michael Prophet, Wayne Wade and Mykal "Black Uhuru" Rose. He himself has sung in The Prophets and also sings under his own name. King Tubby mixed some ultra heavy dubs from Yabby You's material and Reggae DJ Trinity paid respect to him on the track "Jesus Dread".

And now, thanks to Blood and Fire, the whole world of Reggae and Roots fans can discover Yabby You: the Iriginal Jesus Dread!

Blood and Fire released a well presented documentation of Yabby You's work under the title Jesus Dread. This is a great work, as it comes with a booklet full of information about Yabby You which will definitely increase the experience of listening to the music.

Music that is simply great. Deep Roots, in itself a perfect exposure of Jamaican Roots Reggae during the 1970's.

This release contains two CD's, a very nice presentation of Yabby You's work with King Tubby, Mykal Rose and many others. All tracks originally recorded in the period between 1972 and 1977. Different and rare versions of the same riddim are presented without everything becoming a "Riddim CD".

As the title of this release already shows, expect some serious consciousness. Yabby You's deep spirituality sounds in ways that go beyond just the lyrics. Lyrics that are usually very upfull and clear!

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