Monday, September 29, 2008





Don't ask me why it took such a long time before there was a release of the dubs from these tracks used by the vocal harmony group Culture, I just don't know.

Maybe more people like dubwize in this time, but it is a shame that only in the 90's this CD was released. 15 Dub shots from these classic reggae songs we all know: Behold, Holy Mt. Zion and many more.

Although released in the nineties, these dubs are old-skool. Roots reggae dubs in the style of the Goldmine Dub from the Revolutionaries (guess who laid down the riddims on this album) and Dub over dub. Yes, you wanted this album 20 years ago! It sounds like all the work is done in the seventies, when you listen to this record, you almost think you are back in that time when Rockers hit Jamaica.

Most of the tracks on this album are hard steppers, but not all. You' also get a good listen to what the percussionist plays, as this gets overheard a lot of times in the vocals (original mix with the singers).

When you love the vocals, you will love these versions as well. Culture's reggae is essential like Burning Spear and Israel Vibration. Only they have had their dubwize releases, now listen to the essential Culture in Dub!

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