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Female Vocals Reviewed (Studio Dubroom Download Review For Producers)


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WWW, July 2014 - They have absolutely nothing to do with (DUB) Reggae as far as the online information gathered for this review has shown, but that doesn't really mean anything as far as (DUB) Reggae goes. A little cryptic perhaps, but nevertheless quite accurate when it comes to the three free female vocal packs reviewed in this article.

When King Tubby started to develop the Art of DUB, he started a technique that would be incorporated in just about every electronic musical genre you can think of, from Hip Hop to EDM. A few styles like Dubstep or Drum 'n' Bass even have Reggae phrases incorporated in their names. This mere fact alone completely justifies and explains why it could be interesting for your online (DUB) Reggae producer to browse a little bit through sample sites aimed at producers of EDM.

One aspect of Electronic Dance Music is the use of female vocals, very similar to the way vocals are used in Dub: lyrics, words, lines and adlibs drop in and out at strategic moments in the mix. This opens up a door of possibilities for the producer of DUB and even your non-DUB Reggae, because the availability of vocal packs for EDM producers is pretty wide.

For this review, we take a look at three different female vocal packs. The packs can be downloaded for free and they include a license for use in your productions, even commercial releases are possible. One nasty point: one of the packs can only be downloaded by registered members of Facebook but then you could get a friend who is registered at that website to do it for you.

First, there are two different packs containing the talented and skilled voice of UK based singer MANDY EDGE. They are available for free download at the SAMPLE RADAR website, you can find the first pack carrying 426 mB weight here, and the second one (237 mB) can be downloaded from this page. Then there is a free Vocal sample pack from UK based Dubstep Singer/Producer AIVA, which you can get after liking her on Facebook. That's just very unfortunate for those of us who do not have a Facebook account but then, again, you could ask someone who does. 

All three packs contain a really impressive set of vocal lines, phrases and adlibs. They also contain lines and phrases that you might not want to use: slackness is easy to extract but then, slackness is always an easy road. In the same time, slackness is such a  thing where a self-inflicted blind spot usually functions very well. In fact, such a blind spot in necessary for all conscious artists wherever they perform or produce so let's take-this-truth-to-be-self-evident.

The samples come with information about pitch and BPM included in the filenames and folders, some are dry and others come with effects. The effected samples can easily be incorporated in an already existing tracks you might have made, the influence of DUB is not just undeniable present, these are dubbed vocals. 

When used with care and respect for the singers, the way it should be done anywhere and everywhere, are -literary- priceless additions to your sound library. They can add an extra dimension to your track(s), and -depending on your creativity- that extra dimension does not have to be a "techno vibe" or something like that. 

Just listen to the following 30 seconds of so with a Dubroom riddim and two vocal lines from the Sample Radar packs:


That's just two lines out of really hundreds that you can pick and insert. Creative minds will probably hear their own riddim behind it. Or take this track featuring two lines taken from AIVA's pack (among other things described here):


You can even say that just these two lines give a very special and atmospheric elements to the riddim, even an identifiable element in the sense that the lines keep ringing in your head after the track is done.

Three excellent vocal packs, well, more than excellent. These are very talented and skilled singers that control their voice in an impressive way. When done respectfully, the samples can bring your riddim(s) further without dragging everything into slackness or other evidently cheap abuse of the female part of our human race. 


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