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WWW, May 2010 - After the short opening featuring just the melodica, the Drum and Bass jump right in there, setting the tone for the rest of the 5-track EP by Spanish multi-instrumentalist, producer and singer Dani Ites.

Ites and Ites!

Dani Ites is blessed with many talents. His debut album showcases several, two of them being his productional skills and ability to play melodica throughout the five tracks without becoming boring. The brethren is a member of Barcelona's Humble Lion Sound System, where he is said to often steal the show with improvisations on melodica and vocal works. Unfortunately, his vocal works remain within the Humble Lion sessions until this date (may 2010), as there's no singing throughout the EP.

The track titles show that Dani Ites knows how being in the Ire Ites is not just another description for a state of mind after smoking a spliff: Word of Jah, for example. Or even more clear: Jahoviah. Throughout the five tracks, this inspiration is heartically felt.

No, there's not much dubbing going on. The first three tunes are instrumentals even though this should not turn you off. The drum and bass lines are more than catchy, the fourth track ("Warrior") is an upfull steppers with a touch of Dub, where Roots Melody ends with "Westerly", a relaxed and Ire riddim which leaves the listener wanting more.

Soon come?

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