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WWW, June 2009 - In the year 1987, Rub a Dub Music was still very much the style of the time, even though we already had the Sleng Teng revolution.

Six outstanding discomixes, sung by one of the most heartical Reggae singers of all time. Another Don Carlos showcase album you simply can't refuse even though the album seems to be out of print.

Prophecy contains a number of truly heartfelt titles. Crucial Situation, Prophecy, and the more than penetrating Jah Hear My Plea are reasons alone to try and purchase this album, if you can still find it.

The message is crucial, and the way Don Carlos sings the message makes it impossible to not be touched in one way or another. Especially the fact that there's some DUB niceness in the second part of each track (after all, it's a showcase album) enhances the vibe of the tunes significantly.

Originally, the vinyl album was released in 1987. That was a time wherein Rub a Dub was slowly being replaced with ragga/dancehall as the popular music in Jamaica. Nothing of that on this one, though. This is played by a band, mixed crucially and of course accompanied by the great voice of one of the original singers of Black Uhuru.

There's a thing, though...

Indeed, the album seems to be out of print and that means you got to look for it. If you're living in the US, though, you can get the MP3's of this document of Rub a Dub niceness for a few cents.

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