Monday, November 10, 2008

3600 SEC

3600 SEC

WWW, November 2008 - Time for some upfull, righteous and militant Roots and DUB that will bless up the hearts and soul of Roots Sons and Daughters world wide.

3600 Seconds, to be exact.

After being treated to no less than three excellent tracks by the Zion Train related Italian based collective Moa Anbessa wherein the Book of Books is quoted more than once, Coco "Ring The Alarm" Tea takes over with "Long Time". Indeed, Long Time he's been sounding the alarm and he's not about to stop doing it either.

A crucial musical introduction to a crucial one-hour mix of mainly UK DUB and Roots Music. Upfull, Righteous music and lyrics that will bless up the hearts and souls of Roots Sons and Daughters everywhere.

Ruff and Tuff, Thunder and Lightning!


01. Moa Anbessa - Foward Medley
02. Moa Anbessa - Holyfire Medley
03. Moa Anbessa - Jah Command feat Dan I
04. Cocoa Tea - Long Time
05. Hornsman Coyote - Nobody (Abassi All Stars)
06. Ras Imru Asha - Seige
07. Eli Emmanuel - Sadam
08. Abassi All Star feat Prince David - Put Life First
09. Winston Fergus - Serious Crime
10. Junkyard Productions - Politricks
11. Earl Sixteen - My Empress
12. The Disciples - Imperial Steppers
13. King Shiloh & Peter Broggs - Live In A Higher Region
14. Cultural Warriors - Righteousness
15. Vibronics - Positive Direction



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