Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scientist - Heavyweight Dub Champion

Scientist - Heavyweight Dub Champion

Yes I, this is great music! The Scientist is one of the wildest original DUB MASTERS, and here he defends his title as "Heavyweight Dub Champion". You'll play this album again and again, and every time you'll hear something new. Whether you're looking for a chill out experience, or for some heavy bass music to dance to, you'll love it. All ten tracks are layed down by the legendary Roots Radics. In the time this album was first released, they were the studio band for Channel One Studios and dancehall was known as Rub A Dub. Channel One was for Rub A Dub what Studio One was for ska and early roots reggae.

You can also hear the voice of Barrington Levy, beautifully mixed in reverb, delay and feedback. In fact, most tracks are the dubs for his album "Robin Hood". And the voice is definitely not the only thing that mixed out. There is not a moment in the tracks, that you don't hear excessive mixing going on. I think this is one of the strongest point from the Scientist, he is really using his devices to the max. I'll spare you the technical details, but I can imagine a smoking mixing table, after Scientist touched it with his hands.

This album is absolutely one of the reasons why many people find, that the best DUB was created in the 1980's. And surely, when you compare this album with the works of many of today's Dub Mixers, you wonder why, with the technical possibilities of today, there isn't much more heavyweight Dub around.

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