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WWW, December 2007 - "Old Riddim, New Roots" gives us an insight into the way Reggae Riddims are taken from one generation into the next and things are added with each new style.

Even though fortunately new riddims come into existence almost every day, the old ones are revamped with each new generation of Reggae Music as well.

This is done in a wide variety of ways, some technically and some instrumentally. One might sample a loop and base a whole new tune on just that one loop, others will re-do the old riddim and yet there is a third group that will do even other things.

This episode of the "PotCast" (No Typo there) gives us a wonderful example of such new skool recordings.

We're introduced to a wide variety of styles and sounds, which in itself is rather interesting because many seem to think that contemporary Reggae all sounds the same because of the digital technology that is incorporated.

Heavy Skanking!


01. Sizzla - Just one of those days - VP
02. Richie Spice - Gideon Boots - Digital B
03. Anthony B - Fed Up - Digital B
04. Anthony Cruz - Halfway Tree - Footsteps
05. Tanya Stephens - To The Rescue - Footsteps
06. Glen Washington - Pour Your Sugar - Joe Frasier
07. Screwdriver - Owe We - Joe Frasier
08. Kashief Lindo - Paradise Jamdown - Joe Frasier
09. Honorebel - Wife - Joe Frasier
10. U Roy - Fisherman style - Blood & Fire
11. Capleton - Words of mine - Reggae Central
12. Luciano - Man Of Jah Order - Blood & Fire
13. Yami Bolo - Conspiracy - Blood & Fire
14. Anthony B - Good & Bad - Blood & Fire
15. Screwdriver - Mi Nuh Like - Jasfar
16. Yami Bolo - Wrong - Jasfar
17. Johnny Osbourne & Burro Banton - The truth - Massive B
18. Sizzla - Give Jah thanx - Massive B
19. Richie Spice - Youths A So Cold - Massive B
20. Buju Banton - Tormented Souls - Notorious
21. Morgan Heritage - Wall Of Babylon - Kickin
22. Wenchman & Crusher - Ganja Baby - Kickin
23. Perfect - Till the soil - Ball A Fire Muzik



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