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Mukti Sistema Sonoro - Leão Selecta

Mukti Sistema Sonoro - Leão Selecta

WWW, December 2007 - You don't need a language gene to figure out that here is Mukti Sound System presenting a Lion Selection.

You need a Reggae gene for it, or a DUB gene. Do you have one?

The Lion Selection opens up with a short reasoning by the Rastafari Elders. If you are -like some others- claiming that DUB cannot carry a message and is basically "dumb" music, you have just woken up the Lion and you really shouldn't do that.

Or maybe you should and really feel the strength of DUB. For if there is one thing that describes this excellent Podcast, it must be the well-placed title, even though it is written in a language that many do not understand.

DUB truly is one of the strongest disciplines within Reggae Music and even beyond that. As the words are scarce, the music obviously appeals to more parts of our consciousness than just the language section.

A Lion communicates without words. You could say, that until a certain level DUB does the same. DUB appeals straight to those parts in our soul that deal with things "unspeakable".

Just ask Mukti and he will tell you.

In fact, he already did and the result is reviewed right here.

Mukti's Lion Selection basically consists out of the better DUB material from all over the world. Material that isn't necessarily that known within the circles of those that know their Reggae and especially their DUB.
We will hear King Jammy dubbing the Japanese band Dry and Heavy, for example. Zenzile is there too, a great DUB band that many may never have heard of before.

From the top to the very last drop, everything is mixed very skillfully. Non-stop, we are taken from one crucial selection into the next. As we move through a wide variety of vibes and styles, times and places, the message is clear: Those who claim DUB is "dumb music" are themselves really deaf.


01. Dialogue Ras Bigga - Rastafari Elders
02. Zentown - Zentone
03. Inner corona - Mad Professor
04. Morning Daylight - Zenzile
05. Nova dub - Kanka
06. Rorima - Mad Professor
07. King jammy's - the revenge of super power allstars
08. Johnny Clarke - A Ruffer Version-At King Tubby's
09. Do dub up your fight - King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy
10. Weak Heart Dub - Ruts D C vs. Mad Professor
11. Sheba's Journey - Alpha & Omega
12. harmony dub - King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy



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