Thursday, October 16, 2008

King Tubby - Legendary Skatalites In Dub

King Tubby - Legendary Skatalites In Dub

DUB music has become an influencial stream within contemporary music. Driving drums and deep bass lines playing a (Reggae) rhythm, mystically accompanied by other instruments popping in and out while effects are applied excessively. It's a kind of music, that stands strong throughout many decades. Music like that must be accompanied by many legends, and so it is. According to one of these legends, it was King Tubby who first discovered this powerful vibe called DUB. The story goes that Tubby was getting his four-track recorder ready for a mixing session, playing the drums and bass channels. When he wanted to add the other instruments, he had, by accident, a lot of echo on that channel. Can you say "Eureka"? I don't know how much is true from this legend, but I can remember when I first heard this effect: I felt my stomache turn upside down, a feeling you usually get when you fall in love.

Talking about legends, this MOTION RECORDS release contains 15 tracks, skilfully mixed by the legendary master of DUB. King Tubby is definitely legendary and so are the Skatalites. As you might know, Ska is a predecessor of reggae music and the Skatalites were a major force in this genre during the 1960's. But they also know their way in the much slower Reggae Rhythm, as this album proves. It's Reggae Music, played with the energy and instruments so characteristic for Ska. Heavenly Horns. Authentic Rasta Nyabinghi drummings by legends like Ras Michael. And the list doesn't stop there.

The Legendary Skatalites in Dub is a valuable historical document and the result of a true labour of love. It comes with beautiful Cover Art and some very informative Liner Notes. The notes start with a quote from Skatalites' Bass Player Lloyd Brevett: "All my bass lines are original - 100% original. I don't know how to follow somebody". A remarkable detail is that the bass lines are all played on an upright bass. The sound is warm and deep and when you play this album at the right volume it will definitely "check down your spinal colom", to quote Linton Kwesie Johnson.

All the 15 tracks come from sessions played in the year 1975, a time in which digital studio's didn't exist. Everything was recorded and mixed on equipment that is now considered inferior. But that doesn't mean that the music is inferior, actually quite the opposite is true. This is King Tubby at his best, fe true! Every single tracks has it's own atmosphere, varying from upfull and skanky tunes to deep psychedelic Dub vibes, the ones that so many people immitate until this day.

I Highly recommend this album to all lovers of true Roots Reggae. It's the result of a true labor of love and worth every cent. The album is available directly from Motion Records and the better Record Stores.

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