Thursday, October 16, 2008

Israel Vibration - Dub Vibration

Israel Vibration - Dub Vibration

In their original line-up (Skelly, Wiss and Apple), the vocal harmony group ISRAEL VIBRATION was arguably one of the most spiritual in Reggae Music. In the time this review is written (September 2002), unfortunately the group is no longer threegether. Born and raised in Jamaica under terrible circumstances, suffering from polio, the Idren definitely know sufferation. They joined the Rastafarian organization "Twelve Tribes Of Israel" whose leader Vernon Carrington aka The Prophet Gad is said to have formed Israel Vibration as a harmony group. I've had the pleasure to see them in concert a few times and every time it was a big experience to me. The Roots Radics, one of the best backing bands in Reggae Music, were playing a tight roots/rub a dub style and the three singers themselves were simply unforgettable impressive. Especially in their earlier works, this same vibe has been layed down on several vocal albums.

DUB VIBRATION, along with ISRAEL DUB, contains the Dub versions from these early vocal albums. On this collection you'll find the remixes from STRENGTH OF MY LIFE and PRAISES and you'll definitely get value for your money, as the CD is over 70 minutes long. Sixteen tracks of early Israel Vibration in their original line-up of Skelly, Wiss and Apple, all mixed in Dub style by Jim Fox.

When you're looking for spaced out Dub, you will be a bit disappointed with this album, I think. Jim Fox usually performs his Dubs in such a way that he emphasizes certain parts in music and texts instead of his mixing. Therefore, I think that when you also have the vocal tracks, you will be able to apprecilove the Dubs a little more. Just a little, because this album also stands on it's own as a Dubwise experience.

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