Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Horace Andy - Good Vibes

Horace Andy - Good Vibes

When you heard the excellent Blood & Fire release "In the Light & Dub" and you agreed with me about the extraordinairy good vibes that you could find on that one, you will probably also agree with me, that this album is a worthy follw up for that one. 10 Tracks from one of reggae's finest artists from one of reggae's finest times (late 1970's) with their accompanieing Dub versions, a booklet packed with information, we're almost getting used to the fine work that Blood & Fire delivers to us, but it's kinda special.

It's too bad that most of the time there is a little bit of silence between the vocal and the dub, although this has been tried to reduce to a minimum. But the annoying aspect is the fact there is a little bit of silence, and even if it is reduced to the minimum, it is still there. With all possibilities in technology, this could have been done. But it would have added something to the music which originally has not been there.

However, almost every track on this album is a killer, and not a filler. "Skylarking" can't really move me that much, although it is probably one of Horace's most well-known tunes. Not only does Horace Andy have a magnificant voice, the music on Good Vibes rocks hard as well. Extraordinairy well. The dub mixes are heavy and intense. Most are mixed by Prince Jammy. This is not old skool dub, this is old university dub!

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