Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ark Band - Love Is What We Need

Ark Band - Love Is What We Need

Upfulness coming your way with the Ark Band as I would say! Real Rastaman vibes in this music, a fact that seperates the Ark Band from the many other bands that are "riding on the Rastaman bandwagon", as Burning Spear puts it, by using Rasta language for commercial reasons, you know who they are. This band has opened for a lot of reggae superstars, proving their ability to play reggae on a professional level. The Ark Band makes a combination of soulfull reggaemusic that sometimes reminds me of Third World, and upfull energetic rhythms that will force the listeners to get up and rock to the beat. What I also hear on their CD Love Is What We Need, is that this band played a lot of concerts, the same vibe you find on live albums you will catch on this one as well. Love Is What We Need, mastered by Jim Fox and Lion and Fox, also contains some fine dub versions by Jim Fox himself. In the dubs the music becomes more skanky, the musical skills of the artists become more clear. The sound is superb, as expected from Lion and Fox, and for only ten dollars you can buy them from the band. The disc contains twelve tracks, and you can sample two high quality mp3 files from the album for free to see if you like the music. I would reccomend the Ark Band to all reggaefans, for some positive vibes and some easy skanking as well.

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