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Sugar Lincoln Minott can be considered the father of the rub a dub, the 80's dancehall that brought us superstars like Barrington Levy, Tristan Palma and Linvall Thompson.

His sound system Youth Promotion brought us many singers and deejay's. Sugar is known for his loyalty to the sufferers. He refused big album contracts because he did not want to leave his bredrin and sistren in the ghetto.

He got into trouble with the churches because he did not want to leave the ghetto.

Sugar's sweet voice masters almost any riddim and any style within reggae.

This CD, "Ghetto Child" contains a series of vocals with their versions. The music is pretty modern, but it is no Ragga, still roots rub a dub.

His love for the Messiah is beautifully expressed in the song called Sweet Jesus and if you want some good advice on smoking herb you should also listen to Dreadlock's Chalice in which Sugar explains that it is best if you don't smoke at all, but if you want to smoke something, it is best to take a sip from the dreadlocks chalice, because all the other drugs will certainly harm you!

Sugar has no locks upon his head, otherwise he would also be a Jesus Dread, like Yabby You and Willy Williams.

For a joyful conscious noise, check out this CD!

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