Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Willie Williams - One Love

Willie Williams - One Love

There are many names in Reggae that are not as known as they should be. Take Willie Williams, for example. He is the one who created great tracks like Messenger Man and the great Ammagideon Time, a Conscious Reggae Classic containing the following words:

"Lots of people won't get no supper tonight, Lots of people going to stand up for their right. Just remember, To praise Jahovah, And He will guide us in this Iration Cause the battle is getting hotter, in this Iration, it's ammagideon...."

Ring a bell? The track has even been played by the well-known british Punk-Rock band "The Clash", according to the official Willie Williams Website. As with many Jamaican Reggae artists, the brother started his runnings in the famous Studio One. This studio gave birth to many riddims, used unto this very day! A if not The perfect foundation for a Reggae Carriere as I would say.

If there is one word to describe Willie's music, it must be the word consciousness. And to proof this statement, one only has to check out this Smugg Records release containing a lot of rare and even previously unreleased tracks by this Reggae Prophet. Sixteen tracks of pure consciousness! And the music rocks too, well versatile I would say as the major styles of Reggae are present on the album. Tight Rub a Dub, skanking Roots music, Dub Effects and Full Instrumentation: it's all there. It even has a few "digi-tunes", to make the dancehall fan move and groove to this One Love album as well.

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