Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Freddie Mc Gregor - Big Ship

Freddie Mc Gregor - Big Ship

This album has inspired the name for Freddie Mc Gregor's "Big Ship Studio's", in which he keeps working his work. His work is to sing music, Reggae Music. And he does so ever since he was seven years old. And that was in 1963, so imagine his experience and the things he witnessed. This surely is another Channel One Classic!

That's why Big Ship has the typical rub-a-dub sound of the 1980's. A sound that is still loved by many, including your's truly. A sound that has a heavy drum and bass foundation, playing a pumping rhythm, some effects here and there, the list goes on and on. Big Ship also has a mix between let's say heavyweight and lightweight lyrics. Freddie shows he's perfectly at home in both area's.

His voice rides the riddims on the album like a big ship on the ocean, the Black Star Liner.

A lot of Dub Freaks with a special ear for the Scientist, will also appricilove this album, as they will recognize that the tracks on Big Ship are the "originals", the vocal tracks of the Dubs that they love so much. I know I did when I heard this specially recommended selection of great tunes in a strict Rub A Dub tradition as it could only come from Channel One and similar Jamaican Studio's in that particular time, the late 1970's/early 1980's.

Enjoy "Rootsman Skanking", "Let me Be The One" and get some consciousness to ya in the form of tracks like "Holy Mount Zion" and "Big Ship". A versatile document of Rub a Dub Stylee!

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