Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Various - Triple Dons 1

Various - Triple Dons 1

Under the slogan "Roots Revival, Dancehall Survival", UK based Record Label SMUGG RECORDS releases quite some interesting material from respected artists such as Willy Williams and Horace Andy. The latter is prominently present on one of their latest releases, a rubadub/dancehall compilation called Triple Dons 1. Triple Dons? Yes I! This album contains 18 great tracks from Frankie Paul, Johnny Osbourne and Horace Andy. They are "dons" all right! And the ones who have been selecting tunes for this compilation are also dons. What to say about Bunny Lee? This is a legendary producer who has released many hard rocking tunes over the years. He was involved! Over one hour of highly danceable material which will be enjoyed to the fullness when the volume is set on max. You'll find a lot tunes from the early days of digital dancehall, but this material will proof to be interesting at least for the "analogue puritans" too.

Listen to the mighty, mighty Frankie Paul as he makes a heartical plea to stop the war, for example. Feel Horace Andy singing about love and relationships, a major theme in Dance Hall music, as only he can do it. Experience Johnny Osbourne's Juggling, as his soulful voice rides a highly danceable digital rhythm.

Most of the tracks on the album come from the days when the drum computer entered the Jamaican Studio's. There was a lot of protest about it, then. But listening back, you can hear a lot of creativity in the programmed drums. Digitality was a novelty in that days, and novelties can work inspiring. I believe that this creativity is caught on Triple Dons 1.

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