Thursday, October 16, 2008

U Brown - Train To Zion

U Brown - Train To Zion

A concept which is widely used now: fragments of singing vocals, heavy drum and bass laden riddims, and on top of that a deejay chanting.

A concept that comes from reggae music, where the deejays toasted over reggae dub music, showing once more the truth of the words spoken by Tapper Zukie in the 1970's: "Rockers today you will love it tommorrow".

Tommorow is today and the riddims of old still rock until this very day, and even tommorrow, for reggae music is timeless and good reggaemusic will remain interesting.

From what many regard as the Golden Years of Roots Reggae comes this spaced out collection of Bunny Lee produced DJ tracks from one of the masters in the genre: Huford Brown, alias U-Brown. U Brown's voice sounds very much like the one many regard as the originator of this DJ style called "toasting" U-Roy.

One of the most important years in his carreer was 1975, when he had to replace U Roy for King Tubby's, and also started to work with the great Bunny Lee. This is also the year where this four year analogy starts of.

Train To Zion one of the hardest albums that I've heard from the brethren. It's a selection 7 tracks from his album "Satta Dread".

Big up to the Blood and Fire Selector for making this must in every collector's home.

You'll hear fragments of Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, Horace Andy and many more legendary Roots vocalists, everything beautifully mixed in dub style.

This music keeps on rocking throught the centuries fe real!

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