Thursday, October 16, 2008

Various - Channel One Maxfield Avenue Break Down

Various - Channel One Maxfield Avenue Break Down

A lot of people speak about Studio One as being very important in reggae history, and rightfully so. Studio One is the place where many reggae riddims came to exist. Channel One is another very important studio, where some of the hardest and heaviest Roots Rockers tracks have been recorded. With the mighty Sly and Robbie as the backbone of the Channel One studio bands in the 1970's, this ought to be no suprise. Subtitled "Dubs & Instrumentals From Channel One (Remastered)", UK based PRESSURE SOUNDS suprises us with a massive 16 track disc containing what I can only describe as crucial hard rocking DUBS! Several dubs from Dillinger's mighty CB 200 album, some cuts from the Mighty Diamonds, and Leroy Smart, a very good singer who should have gotten more attention than he does. And that's not the complete list.

Not all tracks are DUBs in the sense of heavy mixing, but most of them are. And they're all "stricktly rockers", as this kind of roots reggae music was called in the late 1970's. Many drum rhtyhms on this album are of the "Steppers" kind, a rhythm said to be invented by Sly Dunbar: a militant rhythm with a bassdrum kick on every count, just like many modern dance tracks utilize this.

Everytime I listen to this album, I get a feeling to turn up the volume until it's so loud that my heart and soul are totally captured by the music! And how can a response be dfferent, with this multitude of crucial hard rocking roots Dubs?

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