Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mad Professor & Jah Shaka - A New Decade Of Dub

Mad Professor & Jah Shaka - A New Decade Of Dub

Two Giants clash: Jah Shaka meets the Mad Professor in a new decade of Dub. The decade has past, the music remains. What happens when two GIANTS in Dub meet? You'll get a collection of some rough and tough stuff as I would say! This is a CD that should be in every serious Dub collector's home, because it contains some of the hardest steppers riddims from the 1990's. It doesn't happen so many times, that after I've finished playing an album, I rewind and play it again. This is one of those very few exceptions. The drum and the bass sound like thunder and lightning, and thunder and lightning it is: many songs come with samples from Louis Farrakhan from the Nation Of Islam, dubbed in and out in waterfalls of echo.

The music is hard! Most of the 11 tracks are steppers, in the traditional UK Steppers style: super tight, and with a low, hard and monotone bassline to guide you through the song. The mixes contain many atmospherical changes, vaguely reminding me of the Conscious Sounds studio's. Beautiful percussion plays. Guitar shots that cut like a razor.

I've read a review from this album saying it's kind of mediocre, but I absolutely disagree and play this one every time. And everytime I play it, the music screams to be played louder and louder, until the house start shaking and the windows are breaking.

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