Thursday, October 16, 2008

Black Uhuru & Paul Smykle - The Dub Factor

Black Uhuru & Paul Smykle - The Dub Factor

If you want to know what DUB can do to music, you should buy this CD. This is DUB the way DUB should be! Ten mighty riddims layed down by Sly & Robbie for various Black Uhuru albums are mixed in a Special Dubwise style by Paul "Groucho" Smykle. Originally mixed in 1983, this album hasn't lost any of it's quality for me, it remains one of my favorites from the day that is was released. I dare to say that if you don't have this album in your DUB top ten, you don't know what DUB is! Paul Smykle completely changed the vibe of every single track in a very skillfull way. All tracks completely differ from their original versions and have been blended together into one mix for a Dubwise experience extraordinairy! That's right, all the riddims are presented in one big mix, and you'll bound to listen to it from the top to the very last drop once you've started playing the album.

It is simply impossible to ignore THE DUB FACTOR. This album is mixed in 1983, but it will still beat most of the DUB's that are created today. When you'll play it in a chill-out room, people would love it. And that is why you can't ignore it. The further we go in time, the more people like it.

Unfortunately Paul Smykle hasn't released much more of his special DUB mixing. The brethren is well gifted with a lot of talents. He is not only a killer DUB mixer, but also a great painter: the cover art for Aswad's New Chapter of Dub was from his hand.

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