Thursday, October 16, 2008

Black Uhuru - Black Sounds Of Freedom

Black Uhuru - Black Sounds Of Freedom

Black Uhuru is a vocal trio formed by Don Carlos, Duckie Simpson and Garth Dennis. But the group is best known from the days in which Michael Rose was responsible for the lead vocals. Many, many have come to apprecilove Reggae Music by the works of Black Uhuru. This album is no different, it's a real gem in a collection of jewelry! Black Sounds Of Freedom contains ten beautiful Roots Reggae tracks provided by Prince Jammy's. They're recorded in the days that Michael Rose just joined Black Uhuru. The sounds are really crucial: driven by the innovative drumming of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare's solid basslines, and mixed by the mighty Prince Jammy. It contains the reggae classic "I Love King Selassie" and a very beautiful cover from Bob Marley's "Natural Mystic".

Originally this album was released in 1977 as a debut album and entitled Love Crisis, but it was re-released in 1981, this time it containing different drums and also the mixes were different. Many drum rhythms have changed from One Drops to Steppers beats.

I would like to add some special notes about Sly Dunbar's drumming on the album. I think that he is using very progressive steppers beats, on most tracks of the album at least. It's a true blessing to listen to his drumming and trying to follow it with the ear and heart.

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