Thursday, October 16, 2008

Israel Vibration - Why So Craven

Israel Vibration - Why So Craven

Israel Vibration was originally a Jamaican vocal trio, just like there are many more: Culture, Black Uhuru, Abyssinians, to name but three. The vibes have a very original sound, and unlike many other trio's, each of the members are perfectly able to sing lead and backing vocals. They have released many, many albums, under which "Why You So Craven" This album has not received the credits that it should have, in my opinnion. The fact that it is produced by Henry "Junjo" Lawes has certainly contributed to this stance. Junjo has produced nomerous earlier dancehall music, just remember Barrington Levy, the Scientist Greensleeves series and so on. This rub a dub touch maybe didn't fall good in the ears of some critics, but I can't really tell you why, because Craven certainly belongs to Israel Vibration's top albums.

The basslines and the bass drums are perfectly mixed, the voices from the vibes on top of it, and most of the tracks contain special spiritual lyrics that will move many to tears and give them power and strength to continue living in a Babylon. Tracks like Universal Father, Jah is the Way and Jah Solid Rock are true gems and I can't see how these tracks wouldn't cater to roots fans and conscious dreadlocks.

I mentioned earlier the works of Junjo Lawes. Please don't think, that this album is not roots reggae, because it is. It is roots reggae that is easily accesable, the grooves are nice and sweet so it will move your dancing feet. The instrumentation is impressive, and despite of many musicians, the music isn't complicated.

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