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WWW, November 2008 - He works in Switzerland, Italy and Germany as an acclaimed Techno/House DJ. Just what would he select for 1 hours and 40 minutes of Dub, Roots and (other) Reggae?

The result may surprise you.

DUB has been more than influential in the eventual creation of electronic Dance music: a thing you can read on many Dubroom pages. Ever since King Tubby cultivated the skill of mixing into a work of Art, people have been developing their own style over the concept.

A concept of drums, bass, and effects. A concept wherein instruments drop in and out rather than playing solo's et cetera. A concept wherein just one or two lines of singing have more effect than many full lyric tracks.

Listen to certain UK DUB, and you will hear a style that many Reggae fans will not even (want to) recognize as a form of Reggae. Add to that, a lot of Reggae fans have a lot of dislike for contemporary digital music.

On the other hand, we do find that a lot of House/Techno producers and DJ's will know all too well just where their music is (partly) coming from. A lot of them have a love for Reggae, and especially DUB.

One of these DJ's is DJ I-smash, aka Psysmael. He works for Swiss radio, organizes festivals and is a wanted guest on parties in Switzerland, Italy and Germany. He can tell you all about electronic music and knows how to spin a few records.

In this mix, however, he doesn't "go techno". Quite the contrary, actually. In one hour and forty minutes he shares some of his (DUB) Reggae favorites. A look at the playlist might surprise you.

The music is mixed one track after the other, sometimes with a little effect but mostly just a no-nonsense non-stop mix of some of the most heartical DUBS and other Reggae out there.


01. Israel Vibration - Nah Fix It Dub
02. Mad Professor - Dub Of Intregrity
03. Tu shung Peng - Princess Dub
04. Augustus Pablo Meets King Tubby At The Control King Tubby's The Professor of Dub
05. Barry Brown - It A Go Dread (Extended Dub)
06. Alton Ellis & The Heptones - Humble Will Stumble
07. Errol Dunkley & I-Roy - Created By The Father
08. Augustus Pablo - East of the River Nile (version)
09. Lloyd Charmers - Shang Hai
10. Tony & Soundemension - Cool Version
11. Steel Pulse - Handsworth Revolution
12. Gladiators - Bongo Red
13. Gregory Isaacs - Babylon Too Rough
14. Jacob Miller- Forward Ever Blackward Never
15. Prince Malachi - Burning
16. Sylfor Walker - Burn Babylon
17. Nora Dean - Barbwire
18. Cornell Campbell - Mash You Down
19. Burning Spear - I&I Survive ( slavery days)
20. June Lodge & Prince Mohamed - Someone Loves You Honey
21. Carl Dawkins - Get Together
22. Ijahman - Africa
23. Horace Andy - Mr.Bassie
24. Winston and Robin - Wailing Time
25. Ray Darwin - People's Choice
26. Johnny Osborne - Marijuana Tree
27. Groundation feat Don Carlos & Congos - Babylon Rule Them
28. Mungo's HiFi Sound System - Warning



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