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WWW, November 2008 - Brethren in Canada? Sure thing! It's not only the title of one of the tracks in this highly danceable mix of Jamaican, UK and Canadian Reggae, it's a statement of fact too.

Canada's Reggae history is almost as old as Reggae itself. When Jackie Mittoo settled down in Toronto in 1969, he was one of the first to introduce the music to the second largest country of the world.

He wasn't the last, either. Roots singer Willi Williams, for example, is another one. The list goes further and shows the long time relationship of Canada with Reggae Music.

Brethren in Canada? Of course!

The people behind the Toronto-based Dub Connection Podcast give us a few crucial Canadian Reggae tunes and combined them with some of the better works from Jamaica and the UK from roughly the early 1980's until now.

The result is a highly danceable mix of several styles of Reggae Music: Rub a Dub, Ragga, Dancehall, UK DUB, Roots, et cetera. Definitely not a mix-up without structure, definitely not a mix without quality.


01. Junior Delgado - Really For A Reason
02. Willie Williams - Freedom Time/Dub
03. Adrian Miller - Brethren In Canada
04. R Zee Jackson - Love Must Conquer/Dub
05. Stewart Brothers - Break Down The Barriers
06. Zionics - Resurrection
07. Kenneth Dawson - I Know
08. Don Carlos - No Trouble This/Dub
09. Lascelles Douglas - Na Lose This Battle
10. Kendrick Andy - Hearsay
11. Nerious Joseph - Danger Man
12. Junior Murvin - Jack Slick/Dub
13. Teddy Brown - Immigration
14. Sandeeno - Nah Go Down Deh/Dub
15. Ras Nyto - Tribulation/Dub
16. Mighty Massa - Build A Better World
17. G Corp - Perilous Times/Dub
18. Sister Audrey - Forward Home/Dub



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