Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Clint Eastwood - Real Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood - Real Clint Eastwood

Reggae Culture is very rich in traditions and expressions. One aspect of Reggae Culture, is that in the Dance Halls, where DJ's are toasting (Reggae Rapping), some have chosen the same name as a movie star. Lee Van Cleef. Charlie Chaplin. And of course, Clint Eastwood. He is the younger brother of well-known Roots DJ Trinity and a good friend of Dillinger, another famous name in the genre of Reggae DJ. Together with General Saint he scored a world hit with their rendering of "Stop That Train". With these things in mind, the title of the album is funny. Cause the Real Clint Eastwood is a DJ that make you rock and swing on some of the greatest music from the 1970's! Some facts: Most tracks are produced by Bunny Lee and all of them are mixed by King Tubby. The music was played by the Aggrovators (Sly And Robbie) in 1979. Fourteen tunes, with a total playing time of just over 52 minutes.

On this album, you'll hear very hard and deep roots tunes. The kind of tunes that make you turn up the volume until the place starts to shake and thing. When the Aggrovators play and the Godfather of DUB, King Tubby, mixes it up for the DJ to chat over, a lot of musical hearts start to beat faster. Including mine. Sly and Robbie show why they are called the rhythm twins: super tight Drum and Bass Lines as I would say! Clint Eastwood has his own style of toasting. It is influenced by his elder brother Trinity, but definitely he's got his own. His rolling pronunciation of the "R', Kung-Fu style of breathing (in the style of Dillinger) and variety of subjects make this record a very welcome addition to your Roots and Culture collection.

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