Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Alpha & Omega - Serious Joke

Alpha & Omega - Serious Joke

Heavyweight Dub coming your way! Leading UK Dub Duo Alpha and Omega coming with 2 vocals and 10 Dub Shots to enhance the musical atmosphere with their mystical vibes and to make you move and groove from the top to the very last drop. It's their 19th album and this one has the potential to appeal to a broader public the "just" the Dub lovers. Serious Joke stands out among other current Dub releases. On many tracks, Alpha and Omega created a middle-eastern atmosphere by using melody lines and structures from that region, and integrated it into the concept of DUB without any problem. The basses remain very heavy, the drums stay on top, effects are galore. The riddims are catchy and original. Many Reggae and Dub albums are in fact a collection of singles, but this album is one complete thing. So when the whole record is played, the experience is the strongest. It's a good experience.

Another nice thing, is that on this album you can also find the voice of Messian Dread. As a part of a small collaboration project in which the two Dub Producers made a completely new riddim around just a vocal track from the other, Alpha and Omega re-did "Wolves", and dubbed it in their own style.

An intense style. If there is one thing that would describe Alpha and Omega, it would be their intense dubs. Regardless as to whether they use the militant rhythm of the steppers drums, or the more relaxed two drop, it stays intense. When you put on Alpha and Omega, they are there. You can't really use their music as "sound-wallpaper", it has to be played loud.

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