Thursday, October 9, 2008

Various - Studio One Showcase

Various - Studio One Showcase

In reggae, a track is defined by it's riddim. Many riddims that you hear in modern reggae, are in fact remakes of older tracks. The majority of these tracks originated in the first reggae studio, Studio One. It was in this studio, that most famous and essential reggae artists have recorded first.

When you see the word Showcase on a reggae album, this means that it consists of extended versions. First you hear the vocal track, followed by a dub version. This album contains 10 of these extended versions from the vaults of Studio One. The recordings are certainly not in the digital high quality that we are used to in this time, but that is an essential part if you want to catch the atmosphere of ancient Jamaican music.

Showcase Volume One contains some of the sweetest music you've ever heard. Many natural talents (Heptones, Anton Ellis, Cornell Campbell) in their early days are feautured on this collection. It's a nice experience to hear the younger voices as well as the excelent quality of the musicians.

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