Thursday, October 9, 2008

Various - The Sound Of Channel One: The King Tubby Connection

Various - The Sound Of Channel One: The King Tubby Connection

During the late 1970's, early 1980's, reggae music began to change. Roots Reggae gave birth to Rub a Dub. It was also called Dancehall, but that is not to be confused what people call Dancehall in the 1990's. I guess you can also call it The Sound Of Channel One, as UK based label Motion Records dubbed this historical collection of 13 tracks with versions and one bonus dub on 2 CD's.

Historical, and not only because the tracks give a perfect indication of what was going on back then. Previously this music was really hard or impossible to get and that makes it a must for Reggae and Dub fans that are looking for authentic material. Tubby Connection contains session-drummer Desmond Irie's only vocal recording, and it introduces lesser known singers and chanters such as DJ Prince Pompidou, Horace Andy sound-a-like Bandoo and Rootsman Calvin Stuart to the growing audience of Reggae and Dub Music. Most of the tracks are backed by the Gladiators, who are mostly known for their vocal work.

Apart from the last Bonus Track, all recordings took place in the legendary Channel One Studios, Kingston Jamaica. Channel One deserves maximum respect, equally to Studio One and for Dubbernauts arguably even more interesting. Dub has had nuff space to evolve in this studio.

All tracks come with their Dub Version, mixed by the Discoverer of DUB, the great King Tubby. A Channel One Showcase! You will find a wide range of styles between Roots and Rub a Dub on this album, and a different style requires a different kind of dub mixing as well. Tubby proves to be versatile; he suprises me a lot of times. It's like I hear Scientist, Peter Chemist and Bunny Lee together with King Tubby, a definite proof Tubby is the Originator. Everytime I hear the vocal, I can't wait to hear Tubby's interpretation of it! That some tracks are mixed pauseless together with their dub version increases the exitement: a vocal turns dub!

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