Thursday, October 16, 2008

Various - Dub Massive

Various - Dub Massive

I would recommend this album to a particular groups of people: namely those who are getting into Dub music because of contemporary artists. Why? Because DUB MASSIVE 1 features the "Godfathers" of DUB Music. Scientist, Tubby's, Jammy's, the Mad Professor, Jah Thomas, Augustus Pablo and more. A historical introduction to this great style of music that has influenced contemporary music in such a way that, if Dub would never have existed, the music of today would sound totally different. Introducing the Dub Massive in a Massive Dub Set of twenty deadly Roots Reggae Riddims, skilfully mixed by the very ones who were there when the music came to existence. But it is an introduction with a footnote. When I take a look at the selection, I see mainly 1970's Roots Reggae tracks. Perhaps a missed chance for the selector, because it could give the impression to the listener, that DUB is only a music of the past. Especially, because the Mad Professor tracks on DUB MASSIVE are kind of special too, definitely not in the usual UK Vibe. And all this limits the music to a certain era without a specific note.

A good introduction to Dub indeed, but: a historical one. Nuff said. Play the riddims, yah!

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