Thursday, October 16, 2008

Jim Fox - Dub For Daze 1

Jim Fox - Dub For Daze 1

When you go to you'll find many of the more serious Reggae artists in the USA have been connected with JIM FOX of the Lion and Fox Studios. These artists have a lot of reasons to choose Mr. Fox, as he is a very skilful producer and recording engineer and has made numerous albums for an all-star posse such as Israel Vibration, Culture, Christafari, and Peter Broggs. "The Dubs I do, they are basically a live performance be me working the board.", he says. "They are almost always done in one take. So, no one really decides what to do, including me. I just set to do the mix, and when the time comes, I roll the tape, mix it one time. It becomes a performance which is controlled by the music itself. The board and the song, call out the next move. I became the instrument of DUB." Releases by Jim Fox have a distinguished sound. You can absolutely recognize it. Maximum care and skilful use of professional digital equipment make the recordings always very fresh and clean. Many Jamaican artist are attracted to this sound.

"Time for a monument," must have been the thought in the head of DR. DREAD from RAS RECORDS. This renown producer, who even managed to get Israel Vibration back together for their superb album "Strength Of My Life" asked Jim Fox to dig into his archives and vaults to come up with an extensive collection of DUBS from the Fox.

And so it went.

Jim turned to his archives, and browsed through the names of singers and players of instruments who have visited his studio's. A very huge archive, given the fact that DUB FOR DAZE VOLUME ONE is in fact a double CD with over 140 minutes of music in total.

Most tracks are straight on Rub a Dub and Roots Reggae tracks, you will also find dancehall-ish tracks. And in general, the dubs on DUB FOR DAZE have a wilder and heavier vibe than what I heard from Mr Fox thus far. Where I would normally advice to hear the vocal track along with the dubs when it comes to experiencing his mixing to the fullness, I refrain from this advice when it comes to DUB FOR DAZE. This album features the works of Jim Fox just as much as the all star line of appearance on it and I sincerely wonder why the tracks have not been released before as Dub companions of their released Vocal counterparts as they are definitely beyond the average DUBs from Jim Fox.

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