Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ossie Dellimore - Freedom's Journal

Ossie Dellimore - Freedom's Journal

In this times, in which you see much spiritual emptiness in the musical works, it is always a good thing to have in your hands a document of consciousness, and Ossie Delimore's debut CD Freedom's Journal is just that. Subtitled "Righteousness exaltheth A Nation", this CD contains 10 pure roots reggae tracks, all written and composed by Ossie Dellimore himself.

All tracks are worked out well and creatively. They have a beginning, an end, there's many chord changes and a full roots band is playing it very tigh, upfull and right. Nice thing, that although the arrangement is full and the compositions are not simple, the songs always stay groovy. A very difficult thing to achieve. The music sometimes reminds me of Bob Marley, but in a pleasant way. No imitation, just the same groove sometimes. Especially the clavinets are in Wailers style. Unfortunatly, the absence of a hornsection becomes even more clear between so much high quality sounds. It's also too bad, there is no DUB as well.

As said before, Freedom's Journal is a conscious album. No slackness, but thoughtful lyrics about the system, about freedom, about Jah. The CD comes with lyrics in the booklet. When you're into conscious Roots Reggae, give Ossie a try. An excellent singer-songwriter of whom we're going to hear more.

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