Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dubcreator - Beware... The Bass

Dubcreator - Beware... The Bass

I was lying on my back, after enjoying a reggae festival somewhere in the east of the Netherlands. Someone approached me and asked if I wanted to buy the music that was playing over the sound system. I was listening to "Beware... the Bass" from the Dubcreator and I had no more money with me! It was years later, before I finally could get another copy. This was when I met the Dubcreator in person and told him about the possibilities of MP3.com, where he is now one of the top artists in Dub with a regular presence in the DUB top ten on this music site.

A smile came to my face, when I read the title of the album. That bass, yes, that was the thing I still remembered. A strong bass sound is used, a sound that goes well with the other electronic instruments that DC uses. Yes, electronica galore on this album: it is very hard to recognize any acoustic elements although they are there.

Is the use of electronica that good or bad? Both. Good, because DC proves that you don't only have to make trip-hop, ambient and such with today's instruments. He is also innovating DUB by incorporating modern technologies. And not straying away because of them. Respect! Bad, because it makes the mixes just a bit too slick in my opinion. The deep bass sound disables him from making what I would call "a talking bassline".

Most tracks start of like any regular ambient work. Just when you start to think you're listening to The Orb, the Reggae/Dub riddim drops in. I like that, it is a concept used in Dub and Reggae ever since it existed. Remember the bluesy and souly intro's in 1970's roots reggae? Dubcreator takes this concept into the 21st century.

This CD is a paradox: it's strong parts are also it's weak parts. Every track is very much worked out, mixed by the hands of a perfectionist. No detail is forgotten, almost no mistake is made. Some sounds you'll only hear after listening to a track many times: the tenets of a quality product. No easy-to-swallow tunes, no lightweight stuff. Heavy, but not hard. Strong, but not aggressive.

Free MP3's at http://music.dubroom.org/mp3-dubcreator-bewarethebass.htm

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