Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lee Perry - Born In The Sky

Lee Perry - Born In The Sky

When you say "Lee Perry", many people will be thinking about the mystic sounds coming from the Black Ark studios. Personally, I think about weird and crazy things like the cover of his album "The Battle Of Ammagideon" on which you can see a skeleton representing "The Holy Ghost" and more things that not really attract me to check it out. Reading recent interviews of the UPSETTER.net WebSite in which he expresses he dislikes dreads also didn't really make me happy. He says:
    "...............all I know is that dreads are dangerous. Beware of dreads! My baby was not born dread, so if you are a dread, this is my message: "beware of dreads". Because when you knot up your head, you knot up your brain. And those who knot up their brain are fucking dangerous! So I am going to open up some barber shops! Like Hare Krishna and Santa Claus, I must invest my money in barber shops instead of in reggae. How you like that?"
Many have tried to imitate his Black Ark sounds, but not with too much success. And since the Black Ark studios are burned down by Perry himself, there's not so much change in another Black Ark era. So then here, then there you'll see new re-release filled with Lee Perry's Black Ark works.

Born In The Sky is certainly not just another Black Ark re-release. For starters, it covers a much wider period then just his Black Ark era, you'll find tracks as old as 1969 on the disc so you can really check out different stages of development in Lee Perry's works. Second, 'Scratch' himself was involved in this release as well and that's not a thing you can say about every new Lee Perry re-releases that we see. Third: Very informative liner notes written by David Katz, who also wrote the Lee Perry biography "People Funny Boy". In short, another historical release by Motion Records.

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